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Pop of Color - Red for your Engagement Session

Lauren ConroyComment

Hi Friends!  Lauren here with your #ADWEngagementMondays post!

A bright pop of color can energize your engagement photos.  

Red is one of my favorites! It's the color of love and passion - perfect for engagements.  

Red is beautiful when it contrasts with a green environment, or the blue of the ocean, and really stands out in a gray urban setting.

Bring the pop of color in on your skirt, pants, scarf or my personal favorite, a classic red lip.

Don't be scared of a little goes a long way.

xo Lauren

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Choosing a 3rd piece for your Engagement Session

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Happy Monday, Lauren here again!  Welcome back to another edition of #ADWengagementMondays !

One of my biggest pieces of advice when styling yourself for your shoot is to bring a 3rd piece to your session. 

Leather, denim, military, even a light cardigan really help to tie your look together.  It also adds interest to your photos, giving you somewhere to put your hands as well as giving dimension and variety.

Jackets are a quick way to change your look mid session. (Your man can follow this advice as well!)

xo Lauren